Below are some resources we hope will help you in your journey with Christ. 

  • Vital Magazine is a quarterly published magazine produced by the Assemblies of God. It contains many great articles that will help you understand the world we live in from a Spirit Empowered perspective. 
  • Ministers have a wonderful privilege, yet an awesome responsibility of proclaiming the gospel. God is calling men and women to be His voice to this generation, but many are being attacked from every direction. Temptation, stress, burn-out, financial strain, and other problems are causing some to trade the Bible for another career that appears to be less demanding. Reports indicate that for every ten individuals who enter the ministry at age twenty-one, only one of them will retire from the ministry. This book deals with some of the issues causing them to walk away from their calling. Ministry can be difficult under the best of circumstances. How does a minister continue when it seems like the promises of God have failed? How can he stay clean in a dirty world? How should the minister respond to injustice and unfair treatment? In order to complete the calling victoriously, ministers must keep their eyes on the One who called them. Click Here to Purchase. 

  • You Version is a great way to engage with the scriptures. It provides you with the ability to read your bible online, on your phone, or on your tablet. It also gives you access to multiple translations, the audio Bible, and much more! All for free! 

  • A short booklet outlining our monthly prayer and fasting emphasis.

  • Our Prayer & Bible Study Manual is a helpful guide to get you started in your walk with Christ. 

  • Giving our lives to Christ is the beginning of a walk that will take us down a path that is unique to each of us. Life is never predictable. It ebbs and flows with glory moments where we encounter God on the mountain or in the lowest valley where we ask in desperation, “God where are you?” Hard times are a part of life. Difficulties, challenges, and obstacles are no respecter of age, color, race, income, title, or belief. The question is do we allow the obstacles to direct us or define us? In submission and obedience we can view obstacles as an opportunity for God to reveal His character and teach us powerful life lessons or we can resist and be overcome by them. The choice is ours. God’s word says, “The righteous person may have many troubles, BUT the Lord delivers Him from them all” (Psalm 34:19). Obstacles and challenges provide the opportunity to teach us about life. As a Christian, these difficulties have the potential to produce spiritual growth, faith and build character that cannot be accomplished any other way. When we successfully overcome the obstacle, then we are more compassionate in helping others who are experiencing similar struggles. Click Here to Purchase.