Sunday School

Sunday School takes place every Sunday Morning at 9:45AM. Sunday School provides a smaller, classroom type setting that is conducive for discussion and discipleship. Classes are offered for each age group and topics vary each quarter. The main goal of Sunday school is to provide a place for growth in our relationships with God and one another.


Why should i attend a sunday school class?

There are many who believe that Sunday School is only for those who are too young to know what they believe or too old to remember it. The reality is that Sunday school has many great benefits. At New Life, we believe that we are the body of Christ. This means that we are much more than an organization. We are a living, connected, spiritual and relational organism. Attending Sunday School brings us together in ways that simply coming to a Sunday service could not. Here are the top 5 reasons we think everyone should attend Sunday school:

1. It provides opportunity for deeper, more intimate relationships. 

2. It provides a solid foundation in God’s word.

3. It provides a place to find answers to tough questions.

4. It provides a place to discover and use your gifts and talents.

5. It provides encouragement in times of need.